The Mediterraneo’s Videos

In this section you can find videos of some of the many moments that Mediterranean OC andUSMI have had over the years in Second Life.

It is important to retain a memory of occasions and celebrations, even frivolous, because in any world we are, real or virtual, WITHOUT MEMORY THERE ISN’T AND CANNOT BE FUTURE!

The length of the video is different from each other and this is because the events recountedare obviously the most diverseyou will find videos of a few minutes, and also other than 1 hour! I invite you to look at those long also to understand how to spend our time in Second Life, with its return, progress, news, nostalgia.

To view videos you must have installed on your computer the necessary multimedia codecsotherwise you will not see anything at all or you get an error. If you just haven’t the codecs find them and click on the colored icons below to download safely and what you need from the web sites of the software house. All you‘ll find it’s FREE!

Those people who would like a copy of a video (usually better than this web site) must contact IW to EMME Emmons or the staff always present in the Mediterranean OC.

Those who needed to make a video for any occasion can contact  EMME Emmons to agree on the details.


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