15 August 2021

    Elements of Cyberpsychology

    A fundamental role for the study of human experience in the context of human-machine interaction…
    29 June 2018

    How to think about… The Multiverse

    By Daniel Cossins JUST don’t say they made it up. “One of the most common misconceptions…
    5 October 2020

    Art Exhibitions on Reiki Fractals

    Reiki on the Nature Reiki on the Sky TECHNICAL FEATURES OF FRACTALS In each fractal…
    Real Estates
    11 June 2018

    Multiscene 175

    Real Estates Office – a holodeck setted inside a cube of 100x100mt, – with 71…
    18 June 2021

    360 Gradi Magazine May-June 2021

    Read the magazine Download the Italian translation of the article: “What is it like to…
    Real Estates
    11 June 2018

    Multiscene 100

    Real Estates Office – a holodeck setted inside a cube of 50×50 mt, – with…
    6 November 2020

    Covid-19 data: in Italy and in the world (updated every 10 min)

    [cov2019] [cov2019historyc] [cov2019europe] [cov2019map] [cov2019all]
    10 June 2018

    Radio Degoya

    Broadcast times The best music for you, we run 24/7 Our stream is We are similar…
      18 September 2019

      Natalia Videos

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      24 June 2018

      Neuro VR 2.0 Videos

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      Virtual Psychology
      24 June 2018

      NeuroVR 2.0

      NeuroVR is a cost-free virtual reality platform based on open-source software, that allows providing te clinical professional with a cost-free VE…
      24 June 2018

      Neurosis Videos

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      24 June 2018

      Psychosis Videos

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      23 June 2018

      Mediterraneo OC Story

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