Grids try to find balance on child avies


Child avatars are a sensitive topic in virtual worlds. For some users, the presence of child avatars opens the possibility of inappropriate sexual roleplay, which is at best extremely creepy and, at worst, illegal. For other users, child avatars are a necessity for grids with an educational focus. And for some, child avatars offer an opportunity for family roleplay or for exploring personal psychological issues.

The largest grids try to find a balance between these concerns.

For example, KitelyDigiWorldz and Metropolis allow child avatars but do not tolerate inappropriate behavior. Other grids, like Sacrarium, have banned child avatars altogether following recent accusations and controversies.

And a few grids — most prominently, MisFitz Grid and Skytec — do allow child avatars and promote a “tolerant” approach.

At least one grid on the no-child-avatars-allowed end of the spectrum has cut off teleports to MisFitz grid.

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