Virtual Psychology

NeuroVR 2.0

NeuroVR is a cost-free virtual reality platform based on open-source software, that allows providing te clinical professional with a cost-free VE editor, which allows non-expert users to easily modify a virtual scene, to best suit the needs of the clinical setting. 

The NeuroVR platform includes 2 main components, the Editor and the Player; they are implemented using open-source components that provide advanced features.This includes an interactive rendering system based on OpenGL which allows for high quality images. 

The new NeuroVR Editor is totally different from the previous releases, it is realized using QT libraries: a cross-platform application development framework widely used for the development of GUI programs. 

Thanks to these features, clinicians and researchers have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the NeuroVR Editor software, so that the whole VR community benefits.  

Using the NeuroVR Editor, the psychological stimuli/stressors appropriate for any given scenario can be chosen from a rich database of 2D and 3D objects, and easily placed into the pre-designed virtual scenario by using an icon-based interface (no programming skills are required). 

In addition to static objects, the NeuroVR Editor allows to overlay on the 3D scene video composited with a transparent alpha channel. 

The other component of NeuroVR is the Player, which allows to navigate and interact with the VEs created using the NeuroVR Editor. 

When running a simulation, the system offers a set of standard features that contribute to increase the realism of the simulated scene. These include collision detection to control movements in the environment, realistic walk-style motion, advanced lighting techniques for enhanced image quality, and streaming of video textures using alpha channel for transparency.

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