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On the path of Mindfulness Therapy

By an anonymous traveler

How to focus on the experience of the here and now:

  • I decide to wash the car, while I start at the garage I see that there is mail on the entrance cabinet
  • I decide to check the mail first.
  • I leave the car keys on the cabinet to throw empty envelopes and advertising in the garbage and I realize that the bucket is overfilled.
  • Given that between the mail I found a bill I decide to take advantage of the fact that I go out to throw the rubbish for going up to the bank (that’s around the corner) to pay for the invoice with a check
  • I take from the pocket the checkbook and I see that I have no cheques
  • I go up to the bedroom to take the other booklet, and on the bedside table I find a can of beer that I was drinking just before and that I had forgotten there.
  • I move it to look for the checkbook and I feel it’s hot … Then I decide to bring it in the fridge.
  • As I leave the room I see on the dresser the flowers that gave me my son and I remember that I have to put them in the water.
  • I place the beer on the dresser and there I find the eyeglasses that I’ve been looking for all morning.
  • I decide to bring them into the studio and then I’ll put the flowers in the water
  • As I go into the kitchen to look for a vase and wear glasses on the desk, with the tail of the eye
  • Suddenly I see the remote controller.
  • Someone must have forgotten it there (I remember last night we became crazy looking for it)
  • I decide to take him to the room (in his place!!), I support the glasses on the fridge, I find nothing for the flowers, I take a glass high and fill it with water… (In the meantime, I put them in here …)
  • I go back to the room with a glass in my hand, put the remote control on the dresser and place the flowers in the bowl, which is not suitable of course… and I drop a lot of water … damn!!!)
  • I take the remote control in my hand and go to the kitchen to take a rag
  • I leave the remote on the kitchen table and go out … I try to remember that I had to do with the rag in my hand …


> I spent two hours.

> I didn’t wash the machine.

> I didn’t pay the bill.

>  the garbage can is still full.

> There’s a can of hot beer on the dresser.

> I didn’t put the flowers in a decent jar.

> In the cheque-holder there’s no cheque.

> I can’t find the television remote control or my glasses anymore.

I stop to think:

How can it be? I haven’t done anything all morning, but I haven’t had a moment to breathe … mah!!!

and you’re reading don’t laugh because if you haven’t happened yet… it will happen to you!!!

sooner than you think!!!

Focusing on the here and now !!!


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