Schloss Belvedere

Art by Lara

Permanent Exhibition of Hillara Resident (Lara)

Lara and the “fleeting moment”

Lara’s choice of representing reality by way of catching the feeling of an instant brings her to celebrate above all a sense of “fleeting moment”, walking the observer through a magic journey between realism and romanticism.
In her pictures, reality is constantly changing shape, the light varies in every instant, and things shift in space: one moment’s vision is already different in the subsequent one. Everything flows. In her paintings, images always give out a sense of mobility.

The fleeting moment in Lara’s pictures is quite different from the essence of the neoclassic and romantic painting tradition. The latter epitomizes the story in its more meaningful moment, whereas the fleeting instant will not have anything to do with stories: it feeds on feelings, emotions. Moreover, those harvested in Lara’s paintings are always joyful, positive, pleasant feelings and impressions. Lara refrains from tragic or dramatic subjects, favoring the representation of a happy world. A world where you can have a good life.
The fleeting moment in Lara’s paintings finds strong, evident analogies in photography, where both manage to catch an image of reality in a split second. Moreover, from photography Lara takes not only the immediacy of the feeling, but also those peculiar shots that give a certain modern touch to her images.

(Degoya Galthie)


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