New LSL Editor released

BY  · MARCH 7, 2018

LSL Editor, software that helps users write scripts more easily for Second Life and OpenSim objects, has been updated with more support for OpenSim functions.

With the new version 2.56, users can also create scripts that run other scripts, LSL Editor developer Frank Rulof told Hypergrid Business, and the testing and debug functionality is much better than that of the built-in LSL editor in OpenSim viewers.

“It has extensive testing and debug functionality, in fact you can test your scripts or sets of scripts and their interaction to a very large extend outside the grid , the debug support is also much better then the inworld script editor,” he said.

OpenSim grids can run the standard LSL commands, but they also have additional functionality through the OpenSimulator Scripting Language (OSSL). For example, OpenSim-specific commands can force teleports, which is useful for building walk-through teleport gates or weapons that immediately send someone to a virtual hell when they’re hit. There is also a number of commands for creating and managing non-player characters (NPCs) and to put text and graphics on a prim.

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