Porn site offers free VR headsets


Adult content has long been a driver for new media. Early cave paintings, sculptures, etchings, poetry, books and photographs typically featured either sex or violence. Adult content played a role in the video tape standards wars, and helped motivate early adopters to purchase video tape players when they were still expensive — helping drive down prices for the rest of us.

More recently, adult content has helped with the adoption of ebook readers, as illustrated in the video below.

We’re now seeing the birth of a new medium, virtual reality, which promises to be more immersive. Scary scenes are scarier in virtual reality. Beautiful scenes are more awe-inspiring. Will sexy scenes be sexier?

CM Products, LLC is giving everyone a chance to find out by giving out 10,000 free Google Cardboard headsets (this link is safe for work).

These are simple first-generation cardboard headsets discretely branded as “”

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